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The Cat Who Became a Samurai

The Cat Who Became a Samurai

Once upon a time, in a beautiful Garden, there lived a Cat whose fur was as dark as the night itself. His family had gone away, leaving him all alone, but he did not mind. He was happy exploring the Garden and finding something new to do every day.
The arrival of Spring had transformed the Garden into a paradise of many colours and smells, giving the Black Cat new reasons to rediscover his beautiful home. He would run all day in the lush grass and admire the multicoloured flowers that filled the Garden. At night he would nestle under the roots of a massive tree and look at the starry sky, wondering what great new adventures waited for him the next day. He led a simple, but content life. The Garden was all that he had ever known or needed, so the Black Cat could not have imagined living anywhere else.
Everything changed, though, during a fateful encounter with a Little Boy who wandered into the Garden. While unsure of one another at first, the Dusky Cat and the Little Boy soon became best Friends. They were inseparable. Each day they would meet and play in the beautiful Garden, and each day the Little Boy would bring food for his Furry Friend. The Black Cat always made sure to thank him with plenty of purrs and licks.  

“I shall name you Kuro-chan,” said the Little Boy, “for I very much love your black fur.”
“A Dragon called Cancer is chasing me, so please become my Samurai and protect me!”

The Dusky Cat was very grateful to have finally been given a name. Since his family left him, he had never received one. But Kuro-chan was perplexed as to who this Mighty Dragon was.
He had lived his entire life inside the Garden, where it was always safe and peaceful. That such a Horrible Beast would be after his precious Little Friend was inconceivable. Kuro-chan immediately felt that he had to become the Boy’s protector, his very own Samurai.
Each day he would trained long and hard, sharpening his claws on tree barks, climbing tall branches and lunging fiercely at nearby plants. Even when playing with his Little Friend, Kuro-chan was always on the look-out. He made sure that no one came to hurt the Tiny Boy. The Dragon had to go through Kuro-chan first.

“Thank you for becoming my Samurai, Kuro-chan,” said the Little Boy happily.

Kuro-chan gazed lovingly at his Tiny Master, as if to express how much of an honour it was to protect him. After all, he had taken his duty very seriously and was ready to battle any Dragon in sight.  
The Tiny Boy stroked Kuro-chan’s shiny black fur, overjoyed to have found such a loyal and loving Friend. His affection was met with a relaxing purr, telling him that everything was going to be alright. The Little Boy had nothing to fear with Kuro-chan at his side.
When the Charcoal Cat sat in his Little Master’s lap, however, he suddenly sensed that something was very wrong. It was as if a Malevolent force was emanating from within the body of the Young Boy. Kuro-chan’s senses immediately went wild, prompting him to take a battle stance. He wondered if somehow the Dragon had attacked his Tiny Master in a moment of carelessness.

“Do not worry, Kuro-chan,” the Boy calmly told the Cat who appeared very agitated.
“I have you to look after me, my Samurai.”   

As the Sun dropped lower and lower, the Little Boy smiled cheerfully at his Samurai, bidding him farewell. Kuro-chan, who was still concerned about his Tiny Master, wished to follow him, but he was prevented from doing so. The Little Boy, feeling sorry for his Furry Friend, promised vehemently that he would come the following day to play with him. The Black Cat still did not wish to be left behind, but agreed reluctantly. He went to sleep thinking of all the fun that he and his Young Master would have together. Unfortunately, that never happened. Kuro-chan waited all day long for the Young Boy to return, but he never did. Concerned about his well-being, the Inky Cat decided not to wait anymore, so he started looking for him.
Kuro-chan had never left the Garden, but as a Samurai, his priority was his Tiny Master. Venturing outside his home was a dangerous proposition indeed, but one that had to be undertaken. He quickly picked up the Boy’s scent and followed it all the way to a small secluded house. He circled the house a few times before climbing the vine that had overtaken it. Soon enough he reached a window that afforded a view of a simple bedroom littered with toys. Kuro-chan knew that this had to be his Young Master’s room. The Boy was nowhere to be seen, though. The ever-so-loyal Dark Samurai waited outside the window day after day, hoping that his Master would show up. He even went back to the Garden to see if the Little Boy was there, but to no avail. Much like his family, his Beloved Friend had disappeared. For Kuro-chan it meant that not only had he remained alone once more, but also that he had failed to protect his Master from the Awful Dragon. He had failed in his mission as a Samurai.
Kuro-chan was soon overcome with a great sadness. He no longer felt the need to play or even eat. He did not even wish to go back to the Garden, for it was a place that constantly reminded him of the Lost Friend. Having nowhere to go and looking awfully depressed, the Poor Cat curled up next to a gutter and started grieving the loss of his Friend.
With no will to live, he grew weaker and weaker by the day. Even the glowing sheen of his dusky fur had completely disappeared, but Kuro-chan did not care, not one bit. His only thoughts were of his Master, whom he missed tremendously.  
The Little Boy had entrusted him with a great mission, making Kuro-chan a very happy Cat indeed. For everything that he had received, Kuro-chan felt that he had failed in protecting his Master from the Mighty Dragon. He did not consider himself a Samurai anymore, so therefore he had no reason to go on.

“Here! Drink some milk, little kitty!” begged a gentle voice.  

A Girl wearing a school uniform and a large backpack had seen the Meak Cat and decided to bring him a saucer of milk. The Inky Cat outright refused, but that did not stop the Schoolgirl from visiting him every single day, each time with a new saucer of milk. She did this until the Sad Cat finally decided to drink the milk. So weak was he that he could not ever stand up to drink. Thankfully, the Schoolgirl was always by his side to help me. In just a few short days, Kuro-chan had all but recovered.  

“You are looking much better now,” remarked the Schoolgirl.
“If you want, I can take you to my house.”

Kuro-chan appreciated the generous offer, but he had no desire of losing another Friend. He was a Samurai no more. He thanked the Schoolgirl with a harmonious purr, got up and left.
He did not have a specific direction or a destination, though. He simply wanted to go as far away as possible from the place that he had once called home.
He had only traveled for short while when all of a sudden he heard a loud cry. Somehow a Large Mamushi Snake had crossed paths with the Kind Schoolgirl. Known for it deadly poison, the Mamushi was a creature feared by all. The sight of such a predator had left the poor Schoolgirl in utter shock. She could not even move, frozen in place as she stared blankly at the Bitter Snake.
Recognising the voice, Kuro-chan instinctively ran toward the Schoolgirl who had shown him so much care and love. He was surprised at first by the sight of the Large Snake, but he did not waver, quickly jumping between him and the Terrified Girl.

“My Hero! You came back for me!” the Schoolgirl sighed with relief upon seeing her savior.

The Fearsome Mamushi, on the other hand, was visibly irritated by the intruder. He elongated himself as to appear much bigger, but Kuro-chan was not intimidated at all. He did not wish to fight, but he desperately wanted to protect the Girl.
In a moment’s notice, the Hostile Mamushi thrust himself ferociously at his target, but the ever-so-agile Samurai Cat dodged the attack masterfully. More so, the dodge allowed Kuro-chan to get behind the Immense Snake and scratch his backside, piercing his scaly armour. This, in turn, determined the Angered Snake to launch a flurry of strikes, each one more powerful that the other. Heroically, the Inky Samurai was able to avoid them just in the nick of time. His priority, however, was the Schoolgirl’s safety. Fearing that she might get hurt in the terrible battle, Kuro-chan decided to draw the Mamushi away from her and into the Garden.
With his knowledge of the place, the Dusky Samurai quickly gained the upper hand, dealing hit after hit to his Opponent. But the Fearsome Snake was no pushover, either. His impressive size made him much slower, but this also meant that he could withstand far greater punishment.
The Mamushi stoically endured the Samurai’s attacks, waiting for the right moment to make his move. Kuro-chan, still very much inexperienced, gradually tired himself out, allowing his fearsome Opponent to take advantage of this momentary weakness. The Lightning-fast Mamushi instantly rushed toward the Tired Cat, biting into him with his poisonous fangs.
Kuro-chan felt a great pain surging through his entire body, as if unexpectedly being electrocuted. This, however, was not enough to hinder him. With a great big blow he cut the head of the Fearsome Mamushi, whose long body twisted and twitched until it lay dead.
The Dark Samurai had finally managed to defeat the Terrible Creature, but not before he himself was gravely wounded. Nevertheless, he was happy knowing that the Schoolgirl was safe, and that no one would have to fear the Great Mamushi ever again. For the very first time since he met the Little Boy, he felt proud to be called a Samurai.
Although the battle had left him in much pain, Kuro-chan still found the strength to carry himself all the way to massive tree where he had spent so many nights admiring the starry sky.
Coiled under its protective roots, he gently licked his wounds before turning his head toward the open sky. The setting Sun slowly inundated everything around him with an orange hue, making his Garden more beautiful than ever. Kuro-chan was grateful that he got to live in such a wonderful place, enjoying himself every day.
He had never known his family, so he did not miss them. His true name and purpose came only with the arrival of the Young Boy, who had shown him true happiness.
Scenes of the two of them playing kept running before his eyes, each one a pleasant and precious memory. The times that they had spent together were something truly special and unforgettable, during which an indelible bond had been formed.
Kuro-chan knew in his heart that their separation was only a temporary one, and that they would soon be reunited.
Before he closed his eyes for the final time, the Black Samurai Cat gave out a quiet meow as if to say:

“Master, I am coming!”