Wednesday, 8 November 2017

The Importance of Dental Hygiene

The Importance
Dental Hygiene

“Little Bart did not like to brush or floss,”
“So even though his teeth had a nice gloss,”
“And were as white as an albatross,”
“Sure enough he began to feel pain all across.”
“This is what happens when you do not brush or floss,”
“And allow dental plaque to grow like moss.”
“For little Bart whose teeth had a nice gloss,”
“While being as white as an albatross,”
“It really was a great loss,”
“As on his denture cavities would emboss.”
“It was total chaos.”
“The awful pain made little Bart twist and toss,”
“So he was taken to the dental clinic although it made him cross.”
“There the nice medic cleaned his teeth like a boss,”
“Until he was no longer cross.”
“From that day onward little Bart would always brush and floss.”
“You should do the same if you want your teeth to have a nice gloss,”
“And look as white as an albatross.”

~ The End ~

Sunday, 22 October 2017

Fitting In

Fitting In

“Here is an interesting tidbit:”
“If there is a place a cat can fit,”
“Then the animal will definitely sit.”
“If not then the cat will just have to quit.”
“No point in struggling if you cannot fit.”
“I think this on a sweater should be knit.”
“One more thing I should not omit:”
“A cat pretty much anywhere will sit,”
“Even if at first the animal cannot fit.”
“Displaying great technique and wit,”
“A cat can shapeshift to easily fit.”
“I think this on a sweater should be knit.”
“Talk about an interesting tidbit.”  

~ The End ~


Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Being a Housecat

Being a Housecat

“I sure like being a housecat.”
“I get to sleep on a big fluffy mat,”
“And no one minds that all day I sat.”
“Occasionally I even get a pat.”
“When I feel like it I will chase after a hat,”
“Or anything that sort of looks like a rat,”
“But before long I will return to where I sat,”
“On the comfortable fluffy mat.”  
“There are times when I am told to scat,”
“Or even called fat,”
“But it is alright as sometimes I act like a brat,”
“Especially when I display my skills as a real acrobat.”
“Of course everything is solved with a purr and a pat.”
“All in all I sure do like being a housecat.”

~ The End ~

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

The Meek Cat

The Meek Cat

"On my way home I heard a voice ever so weak,"
"So I turned and saw a cat that appeared quite meek."
"She was hiding inside a rather small leak."
"The poor thing looked terribly bleak."
"As I drew closer I noticed she also had a pungent reek,"  
"So I thought I should wash her at the local creek."
"I tried to trick her with a leek."
"I tried to trick her with a stick,"
"But the cat just stood there like a brick."
"I finally decided that something better I had to seek."
"I searched high and low keeping my pace intensely brisk,"
"So after a while there I was with a bowl of milk."  
"The cat meowed and soon enough began to drink."
"Purring with delight I took her to the local creek."
"I washed and rinsed and dried so much that she could squeak."
"When all was said and done the cat looked at me as if to speak:"
"Thank you for your kindness and here is something from me… “

“A lick."

~ The End ~

Saturday, 8 July 2017

The Legend of the Yellow Narcissus

The Legend of the Yellow Narcissus

Once upon a time, in a land threatened by war, a young man by the name of Ajax was making preparations to leave his home, so he could join his fellow comrades in defending the Kingdom of Alm. The King himself had called to arms all those able to fight in hopes of driving away the enemy forces that had invaded the land.
With a saddened heart, the young man said goodbye one last time to his young wife, who was crying at the thought that she might never see her beloved husband ever again. Before leaving, though, Ajax told his wife not to worry, promising her that he would return when the Yellow Narcissus bloomed. As the flower of purity and rebirth, the appearance of the Yellow Narcissus symbolised a new beginning and the arrival of Spring.
The young man gave one last kiss to his pensive looking wife, and then saddled his Mighty White Steed who would take him on a perilous journey to defend his homeland.

While riding through a thick forest, Ajax became terribly lost. He rode for several days and nights, but he always ended up in the same place as before. It seemed as though he could not leave the deceitful forest. Thinking that something or someone was playing a trick on him, he began shouting to see if anyone was out there. No one responded at first, but after a while, a mischievous Forest Imp asked the stranger what he was doing in his forest.
Ajax quickly replied that we was off to join his fellow comrades, so he could battle the enemy that had invaded the Kingdom. The Forest Imp told the young man that only someone with pure intentions could ever hope to escape from his magical forest, so he gave him a test.
Ajax was handed a vial containing a glowing substance made from the petals of the Yellow Narcissus. If indeed the young man was telling the truth, then upon drinking it, he would gain strength for the battle ahead. If he was lying, however, the glowing substance would then become poisonous, killing him instantly.
Without any fear or hesitation, Ajax took the vial from the Forest Imp and emptied it on the spot. Instantly, he felt refreshed and ready to continue his journey. Seeing that the young man was pure of heart, the Forest Imp had no choice but to lift the magic that tricked travelers into getting lost. Ajax bid the Forest Imp farewell, but not before being handed a second vial filled with the same glowing substance made from the petals of the Yellow Narcissus. He was told to use in in case he ever became injured. Glad to be out of the forest, Ajax spurred on his Mighty White Steed to catch up to his fellow comrades.

Feeling thirsty after a long ride, the young man decided to rest next to a creek known for its rejuvenating crystalline water. He noticed that his Companion was feeling very tired, so Ajax hoped that the water from the creek would help rejuvenate his beloved Companion.
Much to his dismay, Ajax discovered that the creek had actually dried up. Nothing remained but a few puddles in which fish were twitching and struggling to survive.
As he was looking in disbelief, the young man came to the conclusion that something awful must have happened. He immediately took his Mighty White Steed and followed the dried creek upstream to discover the reason why it had stopped flowing.
Walking slowly through the mud and the branches left at the bottom of the creek, Ajax and his Companion reached a huge boulder that was completely blocking the stream. Next to it a few tiny fairies were crying profusely.
Ajax approached them and asked them why they were so sad. The tiny fairies told the young man that during a landslide, a huge boulder had come crashing down, blocking the creek and preventing the animals and flowers from having anything to drink. Even with their magical powers, the tiny fairies were still unable to move aside the huge boulder.     
Stirred up by what had taken place, Ajax promised the tiny fairies that he would somehow remove the huge boulder and restore the creek to its former self. The young man got up on his Mighty White Steed and rode into a nearby copse, from where he  brought back the trunk of a fallen tree. He then wedged the trunk underneath the boulder while balancing it on a small rock. All that remained was for his Companion to press down on the other side of the trunk with his powerful hooves and hopefully push the boulder away from the creek. With help from Ajax and all the tiny fairies, the Mighty White Steed managed to prod the huge boulder, which then rolled to the side and unblocked the creek. Soon enough the water flowed once more, much to the joy of everyone. With the creek restored, the tiny fairies thanked both Ajax and his Companion for their quick thinking and selflessness, and as reward, they presented them with a shield and armour that had a Yellow Narcissus adorned on them. It was said that they had belonged to a great hero and his steed who were responsible for protecting the Kingdom of Alm in ancient times.
Ajax once again mounted his Mighty White Steed and resumed his journey, as all the tiny fairies shouted goodbye and goodluck to them.

Going past a mysterious cave, Ajax and his Companion were startled by the horrific noises and growls that were coming from it. The young man naturally assumed that a giant monster had taken residence inside it, causing trouble no doubt, so he went on to investigate the matter.
Instead of a terrible beast, though, what he found was a man as big as a bear, lamenting his fate. The man was feeling so lonely that he had started crying and wailing over his unfortunate life. Seeing Ajax made him happy, though, and asked him if he could become his friend.
Ajax gladly accepted, but explained to him that he was in a hurry, as the Kingdom was under attack. The man as big as a bear, who later introduced himself as Hector, told Ajax that if were to defeat him in hand-to-hand combat, he would not only join him on his quest, but he would also give him a very special gift.  
Ajax was not so keen on the idea at first, but thinking that a man of his size would be a good addition to the army, he ultimately agreed to the duel.
Before the fight commenced, the young man made sure to drink about half from the vial that he had received from the Forest Imp. Someone as strong as Hector could certainly not be beaten very easily, so any help was more than welcomed. Even the Mighty White Steed gave a little shove when needed, so Ajax was able to win over Hector, who was surprised by the braveness of his young adversary and the loyalty of his Companion.
True to his word, Hector vowed to follow his new friend wherever he went, and as a present for defeating him, he gave him a sword made from the sharp crystals found within the Yellow Narcissus. It was said that the crystal sword had been forged by the greatest smith in all the Kingdom of Alm.  
Ajax atop his Mighty White Steed with Hector running behind hurried toward the battlefront, hoping that he would make it in time.  

Finally, the group arrived in a small valley where the enemy forces had gathered. Ajax met up with his fellow comrades, who were equally surprised and intimidated to see the giant Hector.
Learning that he was on their side, however, made everyone quite confident, so they decided that they should wait no more and drive the invaders away once and for all.  
The opposition greatly outnumbered Ajax and his allies, but that hardly even mattered, as each one could take on a thousand of the enemy’s troops. Swinging his crystal sword on the battlefield made all the enemies tremble before Ajax, while the mere sight of Hector was enough to make them run scared. The rest fought just as bravely, showing no fear whatsoever.
Unfortunately, a stray arrow implanted itself in the right thigh of the Mighty White Steed, making him falter and throw Ajax off him. The injury was great, but the young man would never have let anything happen to him most treasured Companion. He immediately sprinkled what was left in the vial filled with the glowing substance made from the petals of Yellow Narcissus on the wound, hoping that it would be enough to save him. Everyone, including Hector, felt dispirited seeing the Mighty White Steed collapsed on the ground.
Fortunately, the glowing substance provided by the Forest Imp did its magic and the wound was soon healed. Reinvigorated, the Mighty White Steed got up and started chasing away the enemy. Upon seeing this, Ajax, Hector and all their comrades followed suit, making sure that no one would ever dare to invade the Kingdom of Alm.
With the enemy defeated, many celebrations were held all throughout the land. The King himself invited Ajax, his Companion, Hector and all their comrades to the palace, where a great banquet was thrown in their honour. Moreover they were all offered royal positions at the palace. Hector was tremendously happy that for the first time in his life he did not have to stay in a dark cave all alone. He had made many friends, and everyone came to love and admire him.
Ajax, on the other hand, only asked that the King relieve him of his duty and send him home, for the terribly missed his young wife. Hector wanted to come also, as he had vowed to follow his young friend wherever he went, but Ajax convinced him that it would be much better if he stayed at the palace and protected the King. After they both promised to see each other again in the future, Ajax saddled his Mighty White Steed and went back to his home.

The Spring wind began to blow as if to gently caress the first Yellow Narcissus that had bloomed. The pleasant weather also had the young wife of Ajax out working in the field. Her heart was heavy and full of sorrow, but she did her very best to carry on.
Far away in the distance a dark silhouette suddenly appeared, making the young woman curious. She started wondering who had come to visit her.
As the silhouette came closer and closer into view, the young woman realised it was her beloved husband, riding his Mighty White Steed. Overjoyed, she dropped her tools and ran toward him. Ajax dismounted his Companion and went to meet his young wife. Their reunion was as beautiful as it was as tearful. After a really long time, the young lovers were together at last.
In their cozy little home alongside the Mighty White Steed, Ajax and his young wife lived happily ever after.

~ The End ~

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Celestial Lovers

Celestial Lovers


Once upon a time, in a place of complete darkness, there stood a solitary Moon, forever orbiting the planet to which he was bound. Without a single source of light to be found, night was constant and perpetual. The Moon did not have a glow of his own, either, so it was no different than the cold blackness that surrounded everything. Sentenced to a place where it was always pitch black and shackled to a lifetime of constant toil, the Moon simply accepted his given fate.

“Although I must endlessly travel around this planet, this is my work,” said the Moon acquiescently.
“I am glad that I cannot see anything, lest I should be disturbed by my surroundings,” the Moon continued.

Without any way to tell night from day, the Moon never stopped to rest, not even once.
Round and round he went, always returning to his original point. Continuously rotating around the same object could have made anyone rather tired or even woozy, but not the Moon.
He simply rotated again and again, without giving any thought to the matter.
Like this it went on and on for a very long time. How much time had passed, though, no one could really say, since there was nothing but deep darkness.
There had been times when the Moon felt rather lonely, wishing he had a companion with whom to talk, but this was not something that could be easily resolved. Of course, he had tried talking to his joint sphere, but to no avail. The dormant planet never responded, not even to get a better sense of what was happening.

“Hello, can you hear me?” asked the Moon.
“I am the one that is always orbiting around you.”

No matter how many times he had asked, the planet never acknowledged the Moon. This made the Moon feel even lonelier.
The Moon was also curious to learn how it had come to this, how he had gotten chained to the sleeping planet and forced to toil away in a never-ending cycle, but sadly nothing ever came to fruition.  
In the eternal blackness, the Moon was only aware of himself and the planet around which he was orbiting. If there was something else out there, then there was really no way of knowing.
Maybe others dwelled nearby, doing the very same thing. If this was indeed the case, then they were awfully quiet. Many times the Moon had shouted into the vast darkness, while wondering if there were others like him, or maybe like the dormant planet. Never once did he receive a reply to his many calls.
After a while, though, the Moon simply stopped wondering. Any desire for an answer or friend, the Moon had abandoned. He was simply content to do his work irrespective of how tiresome or tedious it was.
Many rotations had gone by without anything ever happening. The Moon continued to toil away, never again asking for purpose and companionship. Solitude and drudgery had become his friend and design.
Everything changed, however, when a faint flicker unexpectedly appeared, seemingly out of nowhere. It slowly turned into a glow, which grew larger and larger until the dark vastness was inundated with a magnificent radiance. It was something that had not been seen before.
Eventually, a massive shining orb made an appearance, casting a beautiful light upon the Moon and the planet to which he was attached.

“Who are you?” asked the Moon in complete surprise.
“I am the one who gives both light and life,” she answered smiling radiantly.
“I am the Sun.”

To the Moon, whose entire existence had been spent in complete darkness and loneliness, the Sun appeared as his salvation. Never before had he felt the warm embrace of light that she gave out, having known nothing but a cold and dark life.
The bright sparks that emanated from the Sun lit up the all-encompassing blackness, which pleased the Moon very much. For the very first time, the Moon was able to observe his surroundings and not feel like living in a prison all alone.
The Moon was also able to look at the sphere to which he had been tethered all this time. Even with such a bright light, the sleeping planet did not react in any way whatsoever. It seemed as though its only role was to keep the Moon in a permanent spinning lasso.
The Moon, however, no longer seemed to be affected by his uncaring warden. He was much to happy to even care.
In all the silent vastness, the Moon finally had someone to light-up his daunting and boring life. Where once there some nothing, all of a sudden there was everything. In place of frigid darkness, there was warm light instead. The loneliness that the Moon had been experiencing was no more. Even though the Moon was still twisting and twirling unremittingly, the beautiful Sun made it all bearable. Soon enough the Moon had become enamoured with the beautiful Sun. To these feelings of joy and pleasure, the Sun was not certainly not passive.  
In her profound passion, she always made sure to send out her luminous beams to the ever-so-grateful Moon.

“Dear Sun, I wish to bask in your light and warmth for all eternity,” proclaimed the Moon.
“I shall always send my rays to you, dear Moon,” replied the Sun.

The happiest moment for the Moon was when he rotated to face the Sun directly, reaching the closest point to the object of his desire. On such occasions, a glimmer of hope appeared, as
the Moon wanted nothing more than to be with the Sun. Unfortunately, the chain that bound he eternally to the dormant planet would not break so easily. No matter how much he tried, the Moon was always drawn back and further away from his Celestial Lover.
The saddest moment, however, came during a Total Lunar Eclipse. At this point, the dormant planet came in-between the Moon and Sun, blocking the two from seeing one another.
With the light gone, the Moon became increasingly desperate, as he did not know what was happening. It was not the light that the Moon longed to see, for he had lived in complete darkness his entire life. It was the Sun itself whom the Moon missed terribly.

“Where are you, my love, for I cannot see you ?” asked the troubled Moon.
“Worry not, for I am still here,” responded his distant Lover.
“My love for you has not yet faded, nor shall it ever,” said the Sun reassuringly.   

Rays of light suddenly began to bounce off the dormant planet, colouring the anguished Moon in a brilliant red hue, calming him down.
Even though the two Celestial Lovers could not see each other, they still remained in touch through the stream of light that connected them.
Soon enough, the Moon completed his cycle and the sleeping planet no longer obstructed his view of the Sun. It was the first time that the Moon had felt grateful to be spinning ceaselessly, since this allowed the Moon to once again be in the presence of the massive shining globe.
Although they could not be together, the Moon and the Sun ultimately fell into a familiar pattern. There were times when they could be worlds apart, but there were also times when they stood fairly close to one another, enjoying the love that they shared.
Other times, the sleeping planet would get in their way, preventing them to communicate.
The Sun, however, never forgot to share her splendid brightness, which the Moon lovingly accepted. In exchange, the Sun received the love and admiration that the Moon felt for her.   

“While we can never be together, our love will never allow us to drift apart,” agreed the two Celestial Lovers.

Sadly, the familiar pattern was broken when a cluster of high-speed meteorites interrupted their sparkling romance. Traveling from far-away, the wondering meteorites came near the Sun and Moon, as if drawn by something in particular. Maybe the cluster would have passed the two Lovers without an incident, but this was not to be.
The Moon’s own gravitational force changed the course of the meteorites, pulling them toward him. It was unintentionally done, no doubt, as certainly the Moon did not wish to have anything to do with the menacing cluster. With their direction altered, the meteorites soon headed right for their unwitting target. One after another, the space objects hit the Moon violently, creating huge craters in their wake. Having no atmosphere of his own to break the foreign objects apart, the meteorites caused quite a lot of trouble for the poor Moon, injuring him deeply.
The terrible treatment to which the Moon had been subjugated made the Sun angrier and angrier, rapidly increasing her core temperature. For the Sun, it was too much to see her beloved in such a deplorable state. She simply could not tolerate it any longer.  

“I shall not let anyone hurt you !” shouted the furious Sun.

Sudden outbursts of bright light could be seen erupting from the Sun’s surface, showing the immense anger harboured within. These Solar Flares were quickly released into space, disrupting some of the space objects from their path of destruction, while completely melting the ones the got to close to them.
With the cluster of meteorites gone, never to be seen again, the Sun inquired the Moon about his state. Strangely, the Moon did not respond, which greatly perturbed the Sun.  

“Are you alright, dear Moon?” asked the Sun worriedly.
“I do not want you to look at me,” said the Moon, “for I am hideous with these craters on me.”
“Do you think my love for you is this shallow, dear Moon? asked the Sun puzzled.  
“I shall love you for eons to come, irrespective of your looks!” came a definitive response.  

The Sun’s love declaration left such an indelible impression on the Moon that he knew he had to escape from his unfair imprisonment, so he could be with the one who had brought light into his gloomy life.
Slowly but steadily, the Moon began to increase his velocity, as he encircled the carelessly dormant planet. Faster and faster he went until he reached the point closest to the magnificent Sun. A powerful thrust was enough to offset the Moon, causing him to break orbit and indeed to break free from his terrible fate. He immediately set a new course, this time a linear one, leaving behind the dormant planet and the harsh life he had lead.  
At such an astonishing sight, the Sun looked not so much surprised as she did incredibly happy.           
After much pain and suffering, the Moon could finally embrace his Celestial Lover, forming together a Total Eclipse of the Sun.

~ The End ~

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

The Cat Who Became a Samurai

The Cat Who Became a Samurai

Once upon a time, in a beautiful Garden, there lived a Cat whose fur was as dark as the night itself. His family had gone away, leaving him all alone, but he did not mind. He was happy exploring the Garden and finding something new to do every day.
The arrival of Spring had transformed the Garden into a paradise of many colours and smells, giving the Black Cat new reasons to rediscover his beautiful home. He would run all day in the lush grass and admire the multicoloured flowers that filled the Garden. At night he would nestle under the roots of a massive tree and look at the starry sky, wondering what great new adventures waited for him the next day. He led a simple, but content life. The Garden was all that he had ever known or needed, so the Black Cat could not have imagined living anywhere else.
Everything changed, though, during a fateful encounter with a Little Boy who wandered into the Garden. While unsure of one another at first, the Dusky Cat and the Little Boy soon became best Friends. They were inseparable. Each day they would meet and play in the beautiful Garden, and each day the Little Boy would bring food for his Furry Friend. The Black Cat always made sure to thank him with plenty of purrs and licks.  

“I shall name you Kuro-chan,” said the Little Boy, “for I very much love your black fur.”
“A Dragon called Cancer is chasing me, so please become my Samurai and protect me!”

The Dusky Cat was very grateful to have finally been given a name. Since his family left him, he had never received one. But Kuro-chan was perplexed as to who this Mighty Dragon was.
He had lived his entire life inside the Garden, where it was always safe and peaceful. That such a Horrible Beast would be after his precious Little Friend was inconceivable. Kuro-chan immediately felt that he had to become the Boy’s protector, his very own Samurai.
Each day he would trained long and hard, sharpening his claws on tree barks, climbing tall branches and lunging fiercely at nearby plants. Even when playing with his Little Friend, Kuro-chan was always on the look-out. He made sure that no one came to hurt the Tiny Boy. The Dragon had to go through Kuro-chan first.

“Thank you for becoming my Samurai, Kuro-chan,” said the Little Boy happily.

Kuro-chan gazed lovingly at his Tiny Master, as if to express how much of an honour it was to protect him. After all, he had taken his duty very seriously and was ready to battle any Dragon in sight.  
The Tiny Boy stroked Kuro-chan’s shiny black fur, overjoyed to have found such a loyal and loving Friend. His affection was met with a relaxing purr, telling him that everything was going to be alright. The Little Boy had nothing to fear with Kuro-chan at his side.
When the Charcoal Cat sat in his Little Master’s lap, however, he suddenly sensed that something was very wrong. It was as if a Malevolent force was emanating from within the body of the Young Boy. Kuro-chan’s senses immediately went wild, prompting him to take a battle stance. He wondered if somehow the Dragon had attacked his Tiny Master in a moment of carelessness.

“Do not worry, Kuro-chan,” the Boy calmly told the Cat who appeared very agitated.
“I have you to look after me, my Samurai.”   

As the Sun dropped lower and lower, the Little Boy smiled cheerfully at his Samurai, bidding him farewell. Kuro-chan, who was still concerned about his Tiny Master, wished to follow him, but he was prevented from doing so. The Little Boy, feeling sorry for his Furry Friend, promised vehemently that he would come the following day to play with him. The Black Cat still did not wish to be left behind, but agreed reluctantly. He went to sleep thinking of all the fun that he and his Young Master would have together. Unfortunately, that never happened. Kuro-chan waited all day long for the Young Boy to return, but he never did. Concerned about his well-being, the Inky Cat decided not to wait anymore, so he started looking for him.
Kuro-chan had never left the Garden, but as a Samurai, his priority was his Tiny Master. Venturing outside his home was a dangerous proposition indeed, but one that had to be undertaken. He quickly picked up the Boy’s scent and followed it all the way to a small secluded house. He circled the house a few times before climbing the vine that had overtaken it. Soon enough he reached a window that afforded a view of a simple bedroom littered with toys. Kuro-chan knew that this had to be his Young Master’s room. The Boy was nowhere to be seen, though. The ever-so-loyal Dark Samurai waited outside the window day after day, hoping that his Master would show up. He even went back to the Garden to see if the Little Boy was there, but to no avail. Much like his family, his Beloved Friend had disappeared. For Kuro-chan it meant that not only had he remained alone once more, but also that he had failed to protect his Master from the Awful Dragon. He had failed in his mission as a Samurai.
Kuro-chan was soon overcome with a great sadness. He no longer felt the need to play or even eat. He did not even wish to go back to the Garden, for it was a place that constantly reminded him of the Lost Friend. Having nowhere to go and looking awfully depressed, the Poor Cat curled up next to a gutter and started grieving the loss of his Friend.
With no will to live, he grew weaker and weaker by the day. Even the glowing sheen of his dusky fur had completely disappeared, but Kuro-chan did not care, not one bit. His only thoughts were of his Master, whom he missed tremendously.  
The Little Boy had entrusted him with a great mission, making Kuro-chan a very happy Cat indeed. For everything that he had received, Kuro-chan felt that he had failed in protecting his Master from the Mighty Dragon. He did not consider himself a Samurai anymore, so therefore he had no reason to go on.

“Here! Drink some milk, little kitty!” begged a gentle voice.  

A Girl wearing a school uniform and a large backpack had seen the Meak Cat and decided to bring him a saucer of milk. The Inky Cat outright refused, but that did not stop the Schoolgirl from visiting him every single day, each time with a new saucer of milk. She did this until the Sad Cat finally decided to drink the milk. So weak was he that he could not ever stand up to drink. Thankfully, the Schoolgirl was always by his side to help me. In just a few short days, Kuro-chan had all but recovered.  

“You are looking much better now,” remarked the Schoolgirl.
“If you want, I can take you to my house.”

Kuro-chan appreciated the generous offer, but he had no desire of losing another Friend. He was a Samurai no more. He thanked the Schoolgirl with a harmonious purr, got up and left.
He did not have a specific direction or a destination, though. He simply wanted to go as far away as possible from the place that he had once called home.
He had only traveled for short while when all of a sudden he heard a loud cry. Somehow a Large Mamushi Snake had crossed paths with the Kind Schoolgirl. Known for it deadly poison, the Mamushi was a creature feared by all. The sight of such a predator had left the poor Schoolgirl in utter shock. She could not even move, frozen in place as she stared blankly at the Bitter Snake.
Recognising the voice, Kuro-chan instinctively ran toward the Schoolgirl who had shown him so much care and love. He was surprised at first by the sight of the Large Snake, but he did not waver, quickly jumping between him and the Terrified Girl.

“My Hero! You came back for me!” the Schoolgirl sighed with relief upon seeing her savior.

The Fearsome Mamushi, on the other hand, was visibly irritated by the intruder. He elongated himself as to appear much bigger, but Kuro-chan was not intimidated at all. He did not wish to fight, but he desperately wanted to protect the Girl.
In a moment’s notice, the Hostile Mamushi thrust himself ferociously at his target, but the ever-so-agile Samurai Cat dodged the attack masterfully. More so, the dodge allowed Kuro-chan to get behind the Immense Snake and scratch his backside, piercing his scaly armour. This, in turn, determined the Angered Snake to launch a flurry of strikes, each one more powerful that the other. Heroically, the Inky Samurai was able to avoid them just in the nick of time. His priority, however, was the Schoolgirl’s safety. Fearing that she might get hurt in the terrible battle, Kuro-chan decided to draw the Mamushi away from her and into the Garden.
With his knowledge of the place, the Dusky Samurai quickly gained the upper hand, dealing hit after hit to his Opponent. But the Fearsome Snake was no pushover, either. His impressive size made him much slower, but this also meant that he could withstand far greater punishment.
The Mamushi stoically endured the Samurai’s attacks, waiting for the right moment to make his move. Kuro-chan, still very much inexperienced, gradually tired himself out, allowing his fearsome Opponent to take advantage of this momentary weakness. The Lightning-fast Mamushi instantly rushed toward the Tired Cat, biting into him with his poisonous fangs.
Kuro-chan felt a great pain surging through his entire body, as if unexpectedly being electrocuted. This, however, was not enough to hinder him. With a great big blow he cut the head of the Fearsome Mamushi, whose long body twisted and twitched until it lay dead.
The Dark Samurai had finally managed to defeat the Terrible Creature, but not before he himself was gravely wounded. Nevertheless, he was happy knowing that the Schoolgirl was safe, and that no one would have to fear the Great Mamushi ever again. For the very first time since he met the Little Boy, he felt proud to be called a Samurai.
Although the battle had left him in much pain, Kuro-chan still found the strength to carry himself all the way to massive tree where he had spent so many nights admiring the starry sky.
Coiled under its protective roots, he gently licked his wounds before turning his head toward the open sky. The setting Sun slowly inundated everything around him with an orange hue, making his Garden more beautiful than ever. Kuro-chan was grateful that he got to live in such a wonderful place, enjoying himself every day.
He had never known his family, so he did not miss them. His true name and purpose came only with the arrival of the Young Boy, who had shown him true happiness.
Scenes of the two of them playing kept running before his eyes, each one a pleasant and precious memory. The times that they had spent together were something truly special and unforgettable, during which an indelible bond had been formed.
Kuro-chan knew in his heart that their separation was only a temporary one, and that they would soon be reunited.
Before he closed his eyes for the final time, the Black Samurai Cat gave out a quiet meow as if to say:

“Master, I am coming!”