Thursday, 8 January 2015

The Wind Rises

How far are you willing to go to fulfill your dreams and aspirations? This is the question asked by Studio Ghibli's latest and greatest film, The Wind Rises. Most people never realize their potential, settling early on in life, but there are those who push themselves beyond the pettiness of this world by embracing a higher destiny. Jiro Hirokoshi-san, a renowned aviation engineer and the main character of the film, is one such brave soul who dares to dream in a big way. His ardent love for aircrafts propulses him above the skies and into the history books. The road to success, however, is fraught with turbulence, and Jiro-san must do his very best to fly past them. But the film soars higher than one man's ambition as it ultimately focuses on the triumph of the human spirit.

From the splendidly colored visuals to the charmingly sweet melodies to the beautifully crafted planes and characters, The Wind Rises is yet another Hayao Miyazaki-sama masterpiece that zeroes in on the human condition, making it something really special that absolutely no one should miss.