Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Five Reasons Why Mercury Should Be On Your Android Device

With apps such as YouTube, Newsstand, Gmail, Amazon and the ever-so-popular Google Now Cards, there is hardly any reason to open the Internet Browser nowadays. There are, however, certain instances that do require the use of a good IE app, and never has one been as good as Mercury for Android devices. Previously exclusive to Apple's ecosystem, it has now become available on the Google Play Store for everyone to enjoy. But why choose Mercury when there are already so many good IE apps in the store? Well, here are five reasons why Mercury should be on your android device:

Reason #1: Mercury Connect

With everything in the cloud, it would only make sense to have a browser that is capable of taking advantage of the many services out there, such as Box, Dropbox, OneDrive and Drive. By signing with your respective account, you gain the ability to access and save files directly to your cloud storage via Mercury's own file manager.

Furthermore, by signing-in with your Facebook or Google account, Mercury automatically saves your preferences and bookmarks... where else.. in the cloud. :)

Reason #2: Plugins

Type in the address of a website and you are immediately greeted by intrusive ads, banners and even pop-ins. It is what the Internet has become. With its built-in ad block, Mercury can efficiently stop all of these pesky intrusion. Of course, ad block can be turned off if you wish to support a particular website.

Other plugins are available in the form of a very useful Reader mode, as is the ability to easily share your content on your favourite social networks, as well as view pics and listen to music.

Reason #3: Gestures

The greatest feature about touch screens is that they allow users to tap directly on an element of interest without the need of any peripherals. Mercury introduces context sensitive gestures, such as Two Finger Swipe Left to go to the next tab, or Two Finger Tap On Top to go to the top of the page, or Three Finger Tap to close a tab.

Reason #4: Fast and Reliable

An Internet Browser is only as good as its loading and rendering speed, a task performed by Mercury with great aplomb. Websites load quickly, especially when there are no ads that take up extra time, embedded video stream fluidly and everything is generally quick to respond. Unfortunately, I have encountered a recurring issue that forces the app to start in portrait mode when running on a tablet. This can be circumvented by locking the rotation, but it is still quite bothersome at times. Hopefully, a future update will remedy this issue.

Reason #5: A Plethora of Customisation Options

Mercury has enough options to really make it your own. You can change the theme, change the user agent to emulate a desktop experience or an Apple device, add shortcuts, add articles, add links, remove them all and replace them with others, browse inconspicuously and so much more. It really is a

So there you have it: Five Reasons Why Mercury Should Be On Your Android Device. Of course, there are many browsers on the Play Store, and they are all worthy of your attention, but Mercury really stands out as one of the best.   

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