Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Black Gold - one of the most amazing films ever screened


'Is there a greater curse than to be a poor king?'

                  Poverty is truly a great curse and this is especially true for the emir of a small Arabian state who is seeking to improve the quality of life for his subjects. The wind of change comes with the discovery of vast oil reserves, but actually exploiting the oil potential becomes problematic as the state stands divided between numerous tribes. Uniting all of them under one flag is no easy task, but the ever-so-cunning emir manages to gain their support by employing different deceitful tactics. His rival, however, is not so easily persuaded. As a sultan of a conservative faction, he believes that a true Arab is someone who upholds the Quran without deviating from its teachings while working hard for life's necessities. In the vision of the sultan, obtaining something must be done through either love or blood. A conflict between the two ensues while the oil extraction comes to a stand-still. The solution comes from the unlikeliest of people: the sultan's son, a soft-spoken young man who would rather spend all of this time in the library than in the council room or on the battlefield. 

 'God hates the things we do in His name. He hates that.'

        As a soldier of God, a person must endure terrible hardships to prove his or her worthiness. 
        Many will come and say that they fight for God when in truth they only fight for themselves. The sultan's son learns the hard way what it means to accept your destiny, to fight for what you believe, to sacrifice what you love, as the cost of uniting peoples is far greater than what he had ever imagined.  
       Black Gold is a journey of initiation and self-discovery; it is truly an exceptional film that I wholeheartedly recommend.