Monday, 1 April 2013

LEVEL-5 announces Professor Layton and the Third-Person Shooter

LEVEL-5 has just announced that a new Professor Layton is in the works. Dubbed Professor Layton and the Third-Person Shooter, this latest adventure is set to attract a new audience that would not normally be interested in puzzle adventure games. The game uses a neo-noir style punctuated by graphic novel panels that tell the story of the professor turned hard-boiled detective. While it has not been confirmed, it seems that LEVEL-5 will use the same engine that powers the gorgeous Ni no Kuni. Both current and next-gen consoles are being targeted for this release.

Story synopsis:

It is 5 o'clock and professor Layton is enjoying a cup of Darjeeling tea. Suddenly, he realises that all of his tea has disappeared. He looks around but sees no one. The search for his beloved white tea leaves will eventually lead him into a corrupt metropolis, a filthy slump, and many more ghastly locations where he will have to fight gun lords, gangsters, and all sorts of unsavory fellas.
It is time to k i c k - a s s and drink tea, and Professor Layton is all out of tea.

Gameplay features:

- stop and pop shooting mechanics
- automatic cover system
- fluid finger-to-finger combat mechanics
- co-op both online and locally (second player assumes the control of Luke)
- modern weaponry crafted in minute detail
- 15 chapters of pure action

Expect more info at TGS 2013.

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