Friday, 15 March 2013

Are You Ready To Brave The New World?

               Without a doubt, Civilisation V stands as one of the best strategy games that you can find on the market right now. It is also a testament that PC gaming still matters. Gods & Kings, the first official expansion pack, made the game even better by introducing religion and espionage among other elements. 
     Now, Firaxis Games is working hard on delivering a second expansion aptly called Brave New World.  
     What is great about this expansion is that it will finally put on emphasis on diplomacy and city-state alliances. One of the aspect that was criticised in the original game was that your neighbours were far too aggressive and quick to declare war. Of course, one would argue that it is much simpler and far more realistic to submit your opposition with violence than it is with kind words. In support of this comes something called World Congress. But what exactly is this World Congress? Well, according to Firaxis, it is a place that will allow for more dynamic and versatile ways of achieving Diplomatic Victories. Imagine that you and your allies have voted on a resolution that fundamentally changes how the game is played and won.   
     Now, imagine that you and your allies have voted to implement trade sanctions against a rouge nation thus limiting its resource usage. The options seem limitless. 
     The key features do not stop here either. New civilisations, building, and units are all set to be included in this latest expansion. New scenarios and Wonders are also being worked into the expansion, which Civ V players will surely appreciate. 
     Regarding the release date, certain sites were quick to place Brave New World sometime this summer. The official site, however, tells a different story with its December 31st, 2013 date, which is more of a place holder than anything reliable. What this means is that Firaxis Games are likely to release this expansion anytime from today to the end of the year. Frankly, I would rather Firaxis took all the time they needed instead of rushing what appears to be the next best thing in the 'just one more turn' strategy game that has enslaved the world.

     For a full list of all the feature, visit the official website