Wednesday, 20 February 2013

PSP Galore: Natsume Announces Mystic Chronicles

                    Hot on the trails of Carnage Heart EXA, Natsume has once again shaken things up with the announcement of a game that goes beyond the company's usual releases. 
        Mystic Chronicles is a retro-style JRPG developed by Kemco, one of the very first companies to start making games for the venerable Nintendo Entertainment System. 
       Recent years have seen Kemco moving almost exclusively to the andoid and iOS platforms, so it is quite a surprise to see an actual game that does not require an iDevice. Well, maybe not that surprising considering that Mystic Chronicles is actually a port of a game called Fantasy Chronicles.
     One of the more interesting aspects of this game is something called the Guardian Beast system, a gameplay feature that lets you assign powerful beasts to your characters to aid them in their quest to save the world. Different AI settings will allow these beats to either fight enemies or protect their master. 
       While the old-school look of the game might not be for everyone, it certainly has its charm. Also, let us not forget that this version will save everyone the trouble of having to deal with awkward touch controls, which is definitely a plus in my book.   
        Mystic Chronicles will be released for the PSP sometime this summer.

Our band of misfits.

Oh, this must be the witch's castle.

We clearly need to put a stop to all of this pollution.

You and me both. You and me both.

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