Thursday, 21 February 2013

Google Merges Picasa Into Drive

                       Before the merge, users were entitled to 1 GB on Picasa and 5 GB on Google Drive. This, however, has changed and it is not all for the better. In order to save up space, Google has taken the liberty of  downgrading Picasa by removing its 1 GB of free space and integrating it into My Drive. This means that both services now share a measly 5 GB. Of course, additional space can be purchased, but the pricing points seem to have changed as well. 25 GB will now cost you $2.49 / Month while 100 GB will go for $4.99 / Month. Also, keep in mind that those free 5 GB will count as your total space, so you are actually buying just 20 GB or 95 GB, respectively.  
         Of course, cloud services such as Dropbox and Photobucket are always happy to receive new users. 

I guess our version of the Matrix is a bit lacking.