Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Your Very Own Fantasy Life

                  What if one day you opened the window to your room and discovered an entirely different world filled with fantastical creatures and lots of adventures? Would you want to be part of this fantasy world?

      Just as the title suggests, Fantasy Life is a life sim set in a medieval fantasy realm. Professions is what differentiates Fantasy Life from games such as Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing by allowing players to choose their very own life and the activities that they would like to engage in.
    LEVEL-5 is a company dedicated to creating amazing games and Fantasy Life is definitely a game that is worth discussing and promoting, especially now that is has seen a major revamp.
   Sadly, a Western release has yet to be announced, even though the Japanese version has already sold-out.
   With such a high demand, I am sure that LEVEL-5 will eventually have a change of heart and release Fantasy Life internationally. Let us keep hope alive!