Friday, 18 January 2013

Grammar Loli 101 - Like Vs. As If

            Our latest war report indicates that Grammar Nazis have invaded Animeland and are forcing our precious loli into a non-stop cycle of learning. 
      We must show that our grammar is impeccable and thus stop this awful grammar blitzkrieg. 

      Today's war briefing will explain the use of: Like Vs. As If

      Our brave soldiers, dedicated as they may be, tend to misfire, making the liberation of our loli that much harder. 
      Like has different functions, but the confusion comes when it is used as a preposition. 

      I watch slice-of-life anime like Golden Time. 
      Please notice that in this example like takes on the meaning of similar and that no verb is used. If you want to give a concrete example of the game that you do enjoy, such as should be used instead:
      He enjoys action-packed shows such as Naruto.

      As if is best used when a clause is about to follow:
      It looks as if Hunter x Hunter will end at episode 148.

     As if can also be replaced by as though. Some Grammar Nazis have argued that as though is used for more likely scenarios. For instance: 
     He acted as if he were Ichigo Kurosaki.
     He acted as though he were Ichigo Kurosaki.
     In the first situation, the young man is less likely to be Ichigo Kurosaki and more likely to be a cosplayer. In the second situation, it is very likely that he is in fact the renowned Soul Reaper.
    Most believe that these expressions are interchangeable, but it does not mean that we should disregard this subtle difference.
    Remember: Grammar Nazis take no prisoners! 

    This concludes our first Grammar Loli 101 lesson. The war has just begun, but I am sure that we are one step closer to freeing our beloved loli. 

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