Saturday, 12 January 2013

A Cyberpunk Adventure


                 Night City, a place of technological wonder, brain augmentations, and mega-corporations. It is where information is feed directly to your neural system and the boundaries between reality and fiction fade away with each downloaded nanobyte.  
         Beware of the Psycho Squad, though. As part of the city's law enforcers, the Maximum Force Tactical Division - popularly called Psycho Squad - ensures that Night City does not get overrun by all the thugs, cyber pirates, and psychos that populate the city. Psychos, in particular, posses the biggest threat as they use illegal implants and substances to enhance and improve the human anatomy. Unreasonable and unnecessary use of force is a common practice in order to make sure that justice is administered in the most severe way. 
         As a slumdog of Night City, you will have the chance to either fight to the top or die at the hands of the scum that inhabit the open-world RPG known as Cyberpunk 2077
        Developer CD Projekt Red has recently released a teaser video, so without further ado...