Thursday, 20 December 2012

Some People Want To See Humanity Thrive, While Others Want to See It Destroyed

           Peter Molyneux does not just want to see humanity simply thrive; he wants to see you, the player, take charge and lead your glorious people to cultural and spiritual supremacy as a Godus.
         Godus is actually the second project from developer 22cans; their first app was curiosity, an app that has to be played in order to be believed.
         Taking plenty of inspiration from Populous, Godus aims to create an interconnected world where players will be able to create and advance a civilisation by taking it to its zenith. As a multiplayer game, players will also be able to interact with each other whether it is via diplomacy or conflict.
        Peter Molyneux has received a lot of negative criticism over the years, but Godus might just be his way of approaching the scrutiny. Godus also represents a return to roots for Peter Molyneux.
        The kickstarter campaign is in its final hours, so make sure to at least give is a look.