Saturday, 8 December 2012

PSP Galore: Danganronpa and Super Danganronpa 2 Are The Next Japan-Only Titles To Receive Fan Translations

               Displeased with how poorly most Western companies have been treating the PSP, fans have taken upon themselves to translate various games that might have never had a chance to see the day of light outside of Japan. After the announcement that Valkyria Chronicles 3 would be receiving an unofficial translation, it is now time for yet another Japanese exclusive game to bask in the light of fandom. This new title happens to be Danganronpa: Hope’s Academy and Despair’s Students, a mystery adventure game released for the PSP, iOS, and android by Spike Chunsoft. You play as Makoto Naegi, a student who has just enrolled into a private school in modern-day Japan known as Kibougamine Academy. His soon discovers that he is in fact a prisoner for life at the Academy and that the only way of escaping is by playing a ghastly game of cat and mouse. Presiding over this sordid amusement is none other that the principal of Kibougamine Academy, the ultra psychotic Mono Bear.
     The dedicated fans in charge of this surreal localisation also plan on releasing an English script for Super Danganronpa 2: Farewell School of Despair, a sequel in which the masochistic Mono Bear brings his students to Jabberwock Island for yet another hideous game of who done it.
      A demo of Danganronpa can be accessed right here. Just make sure to read and follow the instructions beforehand. 

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