Thursday, 8 November 2012

Tales of Hearts R Is Yet Another Japanese Title That Is Being Remade For A Younger System


                   A new console or handheld usually signals the arrival of ports and remakes. The 3DS has seen its share of re-releases, and it seems the PS Vita will now follow suit.
        Tales of Hearts was originally released for the Nintendo DS in late 2008, and it stands as the eleventh flagship title in the Tales of series. Both players and critics alike immediately took notice of the game as it came in two versions: anime version and CG version. This was merely an aesthetic decision as the gameplay remained unchanged in both of these versions.
       Tales of Hearts R for the PS Vita is a remake that will only be served in just one flavour, though. The graphics will be fully 3D with 2D anime cut-scenes to punctuate the story. New to the series is voice acting that will heard all through-out the game. A few NPCs will also be playable in this iteration.
      Tales of Hearts R will be released early next year exclusively for the PS Vita.