Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Dragon Quest VII 3DS Screens

Grand Theft Auto V - Trailer 2

Ragnarok Odyssey Is Now Available On PSN

                 Ragnarok Odyssey is not the easiest game in the world. In fact, only those with fierce determination and a double dose of pride will be able to overcome the many obstacles that the game has set for them. Cunning adventures will gladly accept the challenge; those less ambitious will fall as frustration will undoubtedly get the better of them.
      Ragnarok Odyssey is not a game for everyone. Providentially, Xseed has just released a demo to determine whether or not you are up to the task at hand. Mercenaries all across the land, do you have what it takes to embark on this legendary Odyssey?  
      It is on PSN right now, so make sure to download it. 

How To Use A Semicolon

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Wii U - WaraWara Plaza and Wii U Chat

Wii U -- Nintendo Network, Miiverse, and Internet Browser

Warriors Orochi 2 Hyper Wii U Promotional Movie

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Ted Tries to Secure a Divorce

Tough Guy Walk

Dora the Explorer Movie Trailer (with Ariel Winter)

Android apps - Angry Birds Star Wars

                   Han Solo Shot First

           Angry Birds certainly puts that to rest in this latest iteration. While I am at it, I going to make a confession: I never liked Angry Birds. Birds, angry birds and pigs, evil pigs. It just never made any sense to me. Now that the entire Galaxy is at stake, everything matters. Star Wars and Angry Birds come together in such a perfect way that it is impossible not to be impressed with the latest effort from developer Rovio. The day-one DLC, however, is less impressive. The promise of free updates does soften the blow a bit. Also, please take note that some users are still receiving ads, even though they paid for this annoyance to be removed. Unpleasant quirks aside, Angry Birds Star Wars proves to be a legendary saga that anyone with a mobile phone should experience. The Galaxy needs me, so I have to go now. May the Egg be with you!

Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie - Official Trailer (HD)

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Laharl Has Once Again Set His Eyes On The Universe


                  Disgaea pretty much put NIS and its subsidiary, NIS America,  on the map. With a cast of quirky characters and and over-the-top battle system that offers infinite replayability, Disgaea quickly became a fan-favourite among niche gamers. Sadly, the inevitable sequels dropped continuity in favour of a new cast placed in a new setting. That is about to change as Disgaea Dimension 2 returns players to the Underworld where they will once again take control of Lahrl, Etna, Flonne, and their prinny servants.
       The game will make use of HD visuals and awesome beastly mounts for its characters.
       Disgaea Dimension 2 will be released exclusively for the PS3, although I am still waiting for the PSVita announcement. A date has been set for March 2013.