Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Chaos Has Finally Hit The Android

              Chaos Rings is an original JRPG that was initially released for the iOS way back in 2010. With so many Android phones out in the wild, Square-Enix has also seen fit to release its tournament-based JRPG to the play store. The price tag is a bit much, but this is a high quality JRPG made by none other than Media.Vision. Unlike many apps out there, Chaos Rings makes perfect use of the touch screen by adding a virtual stick that appears wherever you place you finger. In general, the interface is well-made and easily accessible. 
    Chaos Rings is also a very beautiful game. It is clear that much care was taken by the folks at Media.Vision to ensure that the game would look stunning. The battle system is turn-based with the possibility of having two characters attack in unison. Fans will be happy to know that Japanese voice acting is also present. 
    Let us just hope that Chaos Rings Omega and Chaos Rings II, the game's prequel and sequel, will also make their way to the play store.