Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Wadjet Eye Games announces Primordia, a Cyberpunk Adventure

            Wadjet Eye Games is a small independent studio known for bringing old-school point&click adventure games to all those who crave the days of LucasArts and Sierra.
      Games such as Blackwell, Gemini Rue, To The Moon, and the recently released Resonance have shown that there is still a market for retro games that require the use of one's grey matter.
      Primordia, Wadjet Eye's next entry in the genre, is an original game that promises to be just as entertaining as the titles that have come before. Set in a Cyberpunk universe, Primordia tells that tale of Horatio, a solitary robot who finds himself in search of his stolen energy source.
     Primordia is a traditional point&click adventure game that emphasises logic over trial&error afforded by a streamlined interface meant to facilitate user friendliness. The game features impressive hand-drawn visuals that really give life to this alien world.
      Keeping up with Wadjet Eye Games tradition, the game also benefits from fully voiced dialogues.
      Primordia can be bought in digital form by clicking right here. A demo of the game is also available.