Wednesday, 15 August 2012

The Last Story Begins its Journey in North America Courtesy of XSEED Games

               When word got out that Nintendo would not publish The Last Story in the US, even though the game had been translated for European territories, fans were immediately thrown in an uproar. Campaigns such as Operation Rainfall were formed with the sole purpose of emphasising fan demands and bringing attention over the current situation. While it is hard to determine whether or not this fan movement did any good, one thing is for certain: Xseed, a small localisation company, won over the rights to publish The Last Story in North America. Their previous experience with Solatorabo, another Nintendo game that was initially doomed to remain overseasmay have helped as well.
         Now the big day has finally come. Fan can not rejoice at the news that The Last Story has been officially released in the US.
        The Last Story is an exclusive Nintedo Wii title made by the father of the Final Fantasy series himself, Hironobu Sakaguchi-san, and his studio Mistwalker. As one of the last great games for the Wii, The Last Story represents an important step in the modernisation of Japanese RPGs. An innovative real-time battle system has made it possible for this Japanese title to stand toe-to-toe with the greatest RPGs that the West has to offer. Beautiful visuals and an easy-to-use interface make it accessible for anyone to play this game. This slick package is rounded up by and awe-inspiring soundtrack composed by none other than Nobuo Uematsu-san.
        The Wii is mostly known  for its many party games, but certain offerings do tend to spark bright every once in a while.
        If you are a fan of RPGs or high-quality games in general, do yourself a favour and pick up this game. You will not regret it. Just make sure you dust off your Wii first.