Thursday, 9 August 2012

Nayuta no Kiseki out now in retail and digital form

        那由多の軌跡 (Infinite Trails) represents Falcom's love letter to all of those who have stayed loyal to them and to the PSP. Nayuta no Kiseki is a beautifully realised world that has come alive on a system that has gone beyond anyone's expectations. The gameplay is fast an fluid, which is something that has become a staple of  the company. The presentation is excellent with bright and colourful visuals, and plenty of voice acting. More importantly, the game is extremely fun. Falcom also made sure the PSN version would be compatible with the PS Vita. 
     Sadly, an English version has not been announced. However, there is a possibility that this might change.        US publisher Xseed is known to handle Falcom games and Nayuta no Kiseki seems to be right up their alley. Just make sure you show you support here