Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Final Fantasy VII re-released for the PC

         Final Fantasy VII was originally released for the PC way back in 1998 with little to no fanfare. I guess it is also because it suffered from porting issues, making it inferior to the PS1 version. Fourteen years later, Square-Enix has deemed it worthy of re-releasing the PC version
   Unfortunately, it does not seem like SQ has done anything to improve the game. Indeed, the company has added achievements, something called character booster, which sound like an integrated cheat system, and cloud saving (pun intended I guess). These are all superficial enhancement that do not really alter the experience (unless you plan to cheat with the boaster).
   What is worse is that Final Fantasy VII can only be purchased from SQ's online store. Even so, if you have ever wanted to play one of Japan's most influential game on a modern PC system, here is your chance.