Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Choose your Tale

          Namco Bandai are hosting a poll concerning a demo for the upcoming Tales of Xillia 2..  
  The company is interested in knowing which of the two possible demos would players be more interested in.

     Demo 1

  The fist demo takes place in a food-producing plant. It seems that the facility has been overtaken by a great spirit, and it is up to the main character, backed by his friends of course, to investigate the situation.

     Demo 2  

  The second demo sees Ludger arriving in a port town called Dovol. Because of his huge debt, Ludger is forced to remain in this town until he manages to earn enough gold. He does so by accepting various quest, which involve most of then then not various battles with the vicious local fauna.   

   You can vote on the scenario you would like the most on Famitsu's website