Thursday, 9 August 2012

Another Time Another Leaf NDS


      Killaware was a small game studio created by former ATLUS employees Kazuhiro Yamao, who also worked at Capcom and Virgin Interactive, and Kiyotaka Ueda. Lux-Pain on the Nintendo DS was their first internationally released title, but a poor internal localisation (think of ‘all your base are belong to us’ script) crippled the game and led to not so favorable reviews. Fortunately, Killaware was able to move on and proof of that was in their newest title under the name of Another Time Another Leaf: Kagami no Naka no Tantei also known as Another Time Another Leef: The Detective in The Mirror. The title is a visual novel-type adventure video game developed for the Nintendo DS.

      The story follows 15-year-old honour student Kaede who is entrusted with a little box upon her mother’s death. Inside the box, she discovers a mirror in which her reflection takes on the form of her doppelganger by the name of Akeha. While Kaede is quiet and serious, Akeha is the complete opposite, and how you control these two characters will be vital in your ongoing investigations.
     Akehas’ ability to go back in the past and gather information and Kaede’s serious attitude and eye for detail come into play as strange things start happening at school. Together they must visit crime scenes and talk to related people in order to collect clues and solve an age-old mystery.
     The game employs two unique systems of gameplay: using the Cut and Action system, players can take certain parts of a conversation or an observation about special objects and put the information in a stock pile to review for important clues later on. Players can also use the Toki Moving system that allows players to jump back in time whenever time is mentioned in a conversation by using the heroine's special mirror.
    Sadly, studio Killaware was disbanded, which means that an English version of  Another Time Another Leef: The Detective in The Mirror will have to simply remain a game left for another time. The good part is that DS units are region-free meaning that anyone could experience this if they wanted.