Tuesday, 31 July 2012

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PSP Galore: Little Busters! Spin-Off Gets Another Chance In The Spotlight

     Little Busters!, the popular visual novel from Key, has been re-released and remastered countless times over the years. The same cannot be said about its spin-off, Kud Wafter.
  All of this is about to change with the announcement of a PSP version of Key's spin-off title.
  Kud Wafter closely follows the romantic relationship between Riki Naoe and Kudryavka Noumi.
  The PSP version features additional event scenes, improved gameplay, and the ability to take screen-shots, which can then be used as wallpapers.

Fate/stay night Réalta Nua PS Vita even more screens

Dead or Alive 5 Sexy Costumes

Remastered PS3 games

Android apps - Major Mayhem

         Major Mayhem is an on-rails shooter that is sure to give your trigger finger a good work-out.  
   Unfortunately, the fremium aspect does bring it down a notch.
   Fortunately, it is not enough to detract from the overall enjoyment as all of the items are fairly priced.
   The colourful and cartoony visuals are a treat to behold with detailed environments and superb animations. I like the fact that everything is polished and fluid, from the menus to the actual gameplay. Android games rarely offer such high-class presentation, especially the free-to-play ones.
   With intense non-stop action, Major Mayhem is a title that is most certainly worth downloading.

Friday, 27 July 2012