Saturday, 12 May 2012

Life of Pi - one of the most amazing novels ever written


        It seems that only in times of great need do people rise to the occasion. It takes a large calamity or an unforeseen tragedy to make certain individuals reach their potential and display superhuman abilities.
When faced with a disaster that ends up changing his life forever, a 16-year-old Indian boy by the name of Pi Patel discovers abilities and qualities that up until that point were unknown to him. He is forced to survive on the open sea for an inordinate number of days with limited provisions, and to make things even worse, with a fercious Bengal tiger. 
   Life of Pi is more than just a book. It is an incredible ride from start to finish. It is an account of unreal events experienced by a genuine boy. The author, Yann Martel, introduces Pi Patel as more than just a survivor of a shipwreck. Pi Patel is an intelligent and nimble boy who quickly learns to adapt himself to a very hostile environment. He is also very religious and even though his faith is put to the test time and time again, he somehow manages to retain his humanity and beliefs. Having to share a lifeboat with a Bengal tiger, with whom he forms a symbiotic relationship, only adds to the challenges that he must face.
   The time spent on the sea is not an easy one, yet Pi tries his very best to conquer his fears and ultimately survive the ordeal to which he is subjugated.  
   As Pi Patel struggles to overcome this insurmountable obstacle set before him, he slowly evolves from an innocent little boy into a capable and reliable man.  
   Life of Pi is a journey of self-discovery that everyone should undertake.