Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Android apps - Pyramid Rising

  On my never-ending quest to find the best apps for my my android powered phone, I came across Pyramid Rising. Frankly, I downloaded it because it reminded me of Pharaoh, one of the greatest city-builders out there, and I just could not resist. The end product, however, was a different beast altogether. Some elements from that game are indeed present such as laying down structures and upgrading them, but this is as far as similarities go. The basic premise is simple: as the newly crowned Pharaoh of Egypt, you are tasked with rebuilding the fallen kingdom and restoring it to its former glory. Easier said than done as the brief missions tend to be quite tense since you are constantly working against the hourglass. City-builders are slow paced by nature, but Pyramid Rising takes the genre into a new direction by adding a competitive feel to it. Building a kingdom is no longer a relaxing activity in this game, but it never bothered me one bit. On the contrary, I enjoyed myself  trying to please my people and earn the coveted golden scarab for my city. I believe that it is worth the download and the price of admission for the full game.